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Don't even need the map to join, it'll download it for you.



Go to the console, type "connect", enjoy!
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In this update, I don't have much, so check the ceiling of Zwonder 4 out!
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I know I said I this would never release. I suppose I should of just said, I deleted everything I previously did and starting over, on the structure of the map.

Zwonder Ops V.1 Download
: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=127845
Structure from Call of Duty: Black Op's "Five"

Trailer on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlVVnF6xxps
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So, hows it going? Not too shavvy, I am currently writing rough drafts for what the game modes will be, we might be seeing a few classics. I am going to try to get get multiplayer in the first release, but I'm not promising anything.

The Campaign? I am expanding the campaign right now, however I am having a little trouble with AI nodes. As you can see below. Many of you voted for Zwonder Ops to have smart AI and good optimization, which apparently was important to alot of you. And if you know me, I try to help the community and always consider what they have to say.

See ya later, till next time. Leave a "guest" comment below, so I know someone is excited for this!

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So, how is the map going exactly? Quite deliciously. Zwonder 4 is coming along very nicely. Something I didn't purposly do, but ended up happening, was half of the map ended up bright, and the other ended, well not dark but darker the the other side. Both sides somehow cover all good camping locations, so either if you like brightness, or darkness, you'll be satisfied, surviving...

How is development going? Much more nicer then Zwonder 3's did. Zwonder 3 only had bunker concept art, that's the reason why the background looked pretty bad, in Zwonder 3. Oh, and here is supper, that's all the visual you get for now.

Blue Zombies? What the helt!? Yup. Blue berry Zombies. I've been popping these suckers all week. I may be out of reach, of being able to add different zombie models in a hl2 map alone, but hell am I going to be shooting the same zombies I killed at least 5000 times in Garry's Mod.

See ya later, till next time. Leave a "guest" comment below, so I know someone is excited for this!
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As said before, Zwonder 4 will be the next "big title/map" in my series, of Zombie maps. I will slowly be releasing information and updates, as I did with Zwonder 2, Zwonder 3 Beta, and the unreleased zombie survival map, Zcordoba.

The thing about Zwonder 4, is that it's turning out exactly how I imagined. I encourage you, my fans, to spread the word of Zwonder 4, and upcoming updates on this website, and maybe something else is getting updated..

See ya later, till next time. Leave a "guest" comment below, so I know someone is excited for this! ... Read more »
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A group I found specifically for Zwonderops_Beta. With over 30 group members, appearently wanting to play Zwonderopsbeta on a server.

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gmodzombieservers

I joined. You should too.

Also, thanks. Its always great to see fans.
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Some of you may now by now. I am a slow mapper, however that does pay off. I got some video for ya'll guys. Zwonder Ops is going great, as usual.

New features:
Area Portals
Alot of more sounds
Custom music
New modes, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme.

Also, if you want to see more "behind the scenes" footage.
Go here:

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Development with Zwonder Ops is going great. Zombies are acting correctly, and the map is giving off quiet a creepy eerie feel.  Though the pictures below give off a comfortable feel to it, they do not in-game. The sounds, ambients and music should ravel this into something similar to Alice in Wonderland (As in comfortable setting, scary enemies).

Also sorry about the pictures, I would like to release more, but I've experienced thievery recently so until then, just try to enjoy these.

So what's been Edited/Added?
Plenty of Sounds
Textures / Fixing Textures
New Rooms
Npc Spawns
Edited Fog
No requirements at ALL
Near Spawning (Farther player/s get through map, they spawn in the closest area)
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